DKW 1800-serie 2014

DKW 1800-series 2014

Never before was the DKW1800 available this early. These series consists of digital charts of the Dutch coast waters and comes with a free weekly update service (BaZ).

Compared to the 2013 edition, the biggest changes can be seen in the depth view of the Waddenzee and Noordzeekust. All BaZ from 2013 have been processed so you may download them right after installing the 2014 edition.


Complete Solutions

Complete navigation solutions

We offer predefined laptops and mini-PCs with WinGPS 5, the new DKW 1800 series with a GPS mouse. Look at the complete solutions for our offers.

We can also offer you a tailored system. For example a new AIS system or a complete navigation system (Laptop or mini-pc). Just fill in the quotation form (Dutch), and we send you advice without obligation


ADAC Marina Guide

With 1638 ports throughout Europe. The ideal addition to your trip to eg Germany or the Mediterranean Sea.
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