EasyAIS-IS-WIFI receiver (splitter/USB/wifi)

Seeing AIS equipped ships around you with the help of modern technology.

With internal splitter for easy connection to your current VHS antenna.

Connection: wifi network.
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Price:  € 603,00
The EasyAIS receiver will receive the AIS signal which is broadcast via VHF. This signal is then translated into NMEA signal. With the right hardware or software you can then see the AIS equipped ships on the map.

The EasyAIS-IS WIFI receiver splitter is an extension to the existing EasyAIS-IS AIS receiver. In EasyAIS-IS WIFI are a number of improvements have been made ??which are derived directly from the EasyTRX2-IS-WiFi Class B transponder. Thus, the multiplexer is extensive and there is for making a wireless connection added a WiFi receiver.

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Producer:  Weatherdock

WinGPS Marine update
The route network for Western Europe and the Danube have been added to WinGPS Marine, Stentecs navigation app for Android devices. The route network gives you the possibility to make complete routes over the inland waters while only having to place a start and end point.

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