Current and Tides update 2017

Current and tides update for WinGPS Pro or Voyager 4 and 5 (2015 and older).
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Price:  € 19,90
This product updates your current and tides information. The information will be projected over your chart.

Please note: this product is only useful when you have a 2015 -or older- version of WinGPS Pro or Voyager.
More information:  
This product only works in WinGPS Pro or Voyager 4 and 5 (2015 and older).
If you already own the latest version of WinGPS, you will receive a free update from the newscenter.

Productspecifications  7060
Publisher:  Stentec Software
Edition:  2017
System Requirements:  WinGPS 4 Pro/Voyager or 5 Pro/Voyager (2015 or older)

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