WinGPS Marine Plus

Navigation software for Android with:

Connection to your board system and the use of tidal predictions while planning your route.
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When installing for the first time you will receive WinGPS Marine Lite. This is the freeware version with limited functionality. With your GPS (internal or bluetooth) you can see your speed over ground (SOG), course over ground (COG) and your current position on the chart. You are able to create one waypoint with which you will receive information about the course to steer (CTS), time to go (TTG) and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

WinGPS Marine is a navigation app that converts your Android device into a complete navigation system. With this app you are able to set routes, download GRIB files for weather forecast, save tracks and link GPS & AIS via bluetooth or wifi. Use the timeline to see developments in wind, rain, air pressure and AIS objects on your chart.

The WinGPS Marine Plus app is the most comprehensive version of WinGPS Marine. With this advanced navigation app you can link additional onboard equipment through a wireless connection (bluetooth or wifi). The resulting data can be used to plot the most optimal routes. Flow and tidal predictions can be shown in your data plotter in the form of a tide table or projected on your chart.

WinGPS Marine Lite features:

• Use the Internal or bluetooth GPS
• Waypoint navigation (CTS, DTG, ETA)
• Use one track, 7200 points
• Chart support: OSM & DKW Hybrid charts
• Support for NOAA charts (installed using your PC)

WinGPS Marine's Features in addition to WinGPS Marine Lite:

• AIS support (WIFI)
• GPS support (WIFI)
• Create and edit routes, and navigate on it.
• Use the time machine to explore tracks and routes
• Meteo prediction (wind, air pressure and rainfall)

WinGPS Marine Plus features in addition to WinGPS Marine:

• Wireless Board system coupling
• Wind, Depth, Compass, Log support
• Tidal prediction
• Dataplotter
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Productspecifications  7590
Producer:  Stentec Software
Publisher:  Stentec Software
Languages:  Dutch, English, German and French.
System Requirements:  Android tablet or smartphone.
11MB disk space.

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