HP33D Current and tides.

Ideal in combinatie with WinGPS 5 Navigator.
Medium:  CD/DVD-Rom
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HP33D - NLTides is an annual edition providing tidal predictions valid for a calendar year. NLTides is compatible with Windows and can be installed on two systems. NLTides is a licensed program. Product keys are used to protect NLTides from illegal use. Without the Activation Key NLTides will only make predictions for a limited period.

To obtain an Activation Key you need the Product Key printed on the label on the inlay of your NLTides CD-ROM. You can obtain an Activation Key by running the NLTides Activation program, provided on the NLTides CD. The Activation Key can be obtained directly via the internet or manually via e-mail or telephone.

Productspecifications  6101
Publisher:  Dienst der hydrografie
Languages:  English.
Edition:  2017
System Requirements:  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 of 10. Pentium 3, 512Mb RAM.

WinGPS Marine update
The route network for Western Europe and the Danube have been added to WinGPS Marine, Stentecs navigation app for Android devices. The route network gives you the possibility to make complete routes over the inland waters while only having to place a start and end point.

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