NV Reg3.2: Long Island Sound

Folio: 62x45cm
Chart for:  
Medium:  Folio + CD-rom
Delivery:  1 Week
Price:  € 49,00
Combipack with paper and digital charts.

• Overview charts
• Coastal charts & Details
• Includes Harbor & Anchorage plans
• Remarkable data also off the beaten tracks
• Many own resurveys
• With harbor pilot book
• Monthly correction service

The NV charts are characterized by fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth lines: red for the 2 meter line and blue for the 5 meter line.


More information:  
This chart set is suited for all WinGPS 5 series for Windows. You can create high resolution full color prints of your charts for your own backup onboard.

Please use DKW Manager for installation on Windows.

Productspecifications  9321
Chart Name:  NV Reg3.2
Producer:  NV-Verlag
Languages:  German/English
Region:  Caribbean and America
Edition:  2010
System Requirements:  Official version of WinGPS 4/5.

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