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EasyONE AIS MOB Automatic

AIS MOB with automatical activation and more than 36 hours of battery capacity.
Delivery:  1 week
Price:  € 333,00
A10901 easyONE-DSC-CL is an automatic activated AIS man-over-board alarm system.

Product information:
• Fully automatic triggering
• AIS + DSC emergency messages
• Compatible with all automatic lifejackets
• Floatable without buoyancy aid
• 24+ hours of battery life after activation

EasyONE - Function:
The EasyONE AIS MOB is fully automatic! As soon as a person falls into the water, his life jacket will activate. The EasyONE, which is stored in the life jacket, falls into the water and is activated. The antenna rolls out and the GPS position is determined within 35 seconds. The EasyONE then transmits the AIS distress message to all vessels in the vicinity (range is min. 5 miles). So not only the mothership but all ships within reception range receive this AIS distress call and can provide immediate support.

The range of this message is largely determined by the height of the receiving antenna, the higher the better. With a helicopter, the range is at least 40 miles. The EasyONE can transmit for a minimum of 24 hours at -20›C and under normal conditions for a minimum of 36 hours. The EasyONE is also equipped with two high-intensity LEDs that make the beacon maximally visible in the dark. The correct operation of the EasyONE is read by means of 2 LEDs. First LED indicates if there is a GPS fix and the second if the unit is transmitting.

Our easyONE-DSC Rescue Transmitters have a basic approval and do not have to be registered anymore!


Art.nr.:  1777
Producer:  Weatherdock

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