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EasyRESCUE (A040-BW-LV) auto act. voor INSIDE vest

Increase your safety at sea with the EasyRescue.
Delivery:  1 week
Price:  € 570,00
The easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM enables to display the current GPS position of a person or a life raft in distress on chart plotter or PC screen by means of AIS technologies.

Substantial modification to the equivalent easyRESCUE and easyRESCUE-A with its ?auto activation? by means of water contact, this device has got a third activation mode: a magnetic switch with a ripcord.

If the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM is activated once, it repeats a recurring AIS alert radio signal with the GPS position of the victim. Of course the manual activation by pressing the ?ON? button is still possible, as well as the ?water contact triggering function?.

The easyRESCUE has got full approvals of world?s most important institutions, which are the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency BSH, the US- Federal Communication Commission FCC and the US Coast Guard. By means of this high approving level the easyRESCUE is outstanding in the market for AIS S.A.R.T. in this size.

At the top of the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM there is a magnetic switch with a ripcord. If the ripcord is pulled, the switch is dissolved from the device, an the automatically activation function starts. After activation, the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM transmits an emergency AIS S.A.R.T message which triggers an alarm on all AIS enabled chart plotters/PC?s within range, including the current GPS position of the victim. The emergency message is repeated several times per minute. It enables all vessels within range to assist with the rescue if they have an AIS receiver or an AIS transceiver.

What do I need to run the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM?
The usage of the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM needs no additional devices. Due to its small size, the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM is ready for use and is built to be assembled on a life raft. The attached belt clip simplifies the assembly of the device.

The EasyRescue makes it easy to find a drowning person by using the capabilities of the Automatic Identification System (AIS). Within this system it is possible to send out so-called safety messages. The EasyRescue uses this in such a way that the EasyRescue behaves like an AIS-based S.A.R.T. (Search and Rescue Transponder).

More information:
Manual activation, Long antenna. Suitable for connection to INSIDE vest.

• BSH approval: BSH/4615/4361565/10
• Transmission power: approx. 2W
• Waterproof, IP68
• Ambient operating conditions -20›C - 65›C
• Lenght 125mm, width 68mm, height 30mm, weight approx. 300g
• Battery lifespan: 5 years (SOLAS standard)
• Service intervall:
* after usage
* after 5 years with only testing mode


Art.nr.:  1792
Producer:  Weatherdock

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