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CPA3 External alarm for EasyTRX2 and TRX2-IS transponders

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Price:  € 105,00
Connect this box easily with your (EasyTRX2 or EasyTRX2-IS) AIS transponder and with 1 push of a button you can switch on the silent mode. As a result, your position will no longer be broadcasted, but you will still receive all AIS messages.

You can also send a Pan-Pan message with this box. Pan-pan is the usual signal in radiotelephony (especially shipping and aviation) for emergency calls, but not for serious and immediate danger, such as life-threatening cases.
The box also sounds an alarm in the event of a possible collision.

Technical specifications:
? Bottom plate: length 81 mm, width 31 mm
? Box: height 27 mm
? Acoustic pressure of the signal generator: 105 decibel
? Frequency: 2.9 kHz continuous tone
? Operating temperature range: -20°C ? +60°C
? Operating voltage is analogous to the connected easyTRX2 or easy TRX2-IS
? Protective cap for the "PAN PAN" switch prevents an accidental triggering

More information:
Click here for the specifications and manual.


Art.nr.:  1765
Producer:  Weatherdock

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