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WinGPS Service Card 2020

With the WinGPS Service Card you are ensured of all WinGPS 5 updates for the upcoming year.

Attention: only for WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro and Voyager!
Only this week!
Which license code do I have to fill in? Go to the activation overview for your license codes. Please fill in the code for "WinGPS 5 licentienummer".
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Delivery:  Available now
Price:  € 80,00
The WinGPS Service Card is a card that Stentec releases each year. This is exclusively available for WinGPS 5 license holders.

By purchasing the Service Card you are entitled to all updates from WinGPS 5 of the year of the Service Card. This includes adaptations to the route network, bridges and locks and new features in WinGPS 5.

We proudly announce that we are planning to continue the line of WinGPS 5 2019, by making the software more user friendly and safe for the 2020 editions.

With the WinGPS Service Card 2020 you will benefit from:

• Be the first to receive WinGPS 5 - 2020.
• All updates for WinGPS 5 - 2020: route network, bridges & locks and new features.
€ 20,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart sets.
€ 10,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart set upgrades.
• Free NLTides currents & tides for 2020 worth € 19,90 (Pro and Voyager).
• Free installation of Stentec products (in our store in Heeg).
• Free telephone support and remote assistance via Teamviewer.
• Exclusive fair and event offers.

The WinGPS Service Card 2020 is available up until the release of WinGPS 5 2020. The new versions of WinGPS 5 will be released in February. Around the same time, your Service Card will be send to your home adress.


More information:  
Is your edition of WinGPS 5 2018 or older? No problem: when purchasing the Service Card you will automatically receive the upgrade to the newest edition, including all updates from past editions.

Productspecifications  8020
Publisher:  Stentec Software
Edition:  2020

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