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Service Card Lite 2022

With the Service Card Lite you will get service en receive discounts.

Exclusively for: WinGSP 5 Lite (Windows) and WinGPS Marine (Android and iOS).
Delivery:  Available now
Price:  € 40,00
In addition to the popular WinGPS Service Card, there is now also the Service Card Lite. You can purchase this card and use all kinds of benefits and discounts, without having to be in possession of WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager. With the Service Card Lite you are assured of the best service all year round.

With the Service Card Lite you will get:

• Free installation of new Stentec products (in our store in Heeg) or support via telephone and remote assistance via Teamviewer (worth € 15,- per 15 minutes)
€ 20,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart sets.
€ 10,- discount on the 2022 upgrades of 100% DKW chart sets.
• Exclusive fair and event offers.

Anyone can purchase the Service Card Lite and thereby use the benefits mentioned above. In contrast to the WinGPS Service Card, the Service Card Lite is available throughout the year.

Productspecifications  8222
Publisher:  Stentec Software
Edition:  2022

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