Imray C43 - Santander to A Coruña

Waterproof chart in plastic cover
Medium:  folio
Delivery:  1 week
Price:  € 31,95
1:350,000 WGS 84

Plans included:

  • Santander
  • Ribadesella
  • Gijon
  • Luarca
  • Ribadeo
  • Ria de Viveiro
  • Ria de Cedeira
  • A Coruna to Rias de Ares and Betanzos

    Covers the northern coast of Spain from Santander to A Coruna.
  • More information:  
    Always the most up-to-date edition available in our store due to the Imray exchange system.

    Productspecifications  3343
    Publisher:  Imray
    Languages:  English
    Region:  North Sea

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