Imray G12 - South Ionian Islands

Waterproof chart in plastic cover
Medium:  folio
Delivery:  1 week
Price:  € 29,50
1:190,000 WGS 84

Nísos Levkas to Nísos Zákinthos

Plans included:

  • Dhióriga Levkádhos (Levkas Canal)
  • Kólpos Aetoú (N. Ithaca)
  • Órmos Argostolíou (N. Kefallínia)
  • Órmos Zákinthou (N. Zákinthos)
  • More information:  
    Always the most up-to-date edition available in our store due to the Imray exchange system.

    Productspecifications  3540
    Publisher:  Imray
    Languages:  English
    Region:  Mediterranean

    WinGPS Marine update
    The route network for Western Europe and the Danube have been added to WinGPS Marine, Stentecs navigation app for Android devices. The route network gives you the possibility to make complete routes over the inland waters while only having to place a start and end point.

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