Imray G26 - Nísos Évvoia

Waterproof chart in plastic cover
Medium:  folio
Delivery:  1 week
Price:  € 29,50

Plans included:

  • Linariá (Nísos Skíros)
  • Kímis (Nísos Évvoia)
  • Approaches to Khalkís
  • Erétria (Nísos Évvoia)
  • Liménas Alivériou (Nísos Évvoia)
  • Rafína
  • Porthmós Evrípou
  • Dhíavlos Stenó
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    Always the most up-to-date edition available in our store due to the Imray exchange system.

    Productspecifications  3549
    Publisher:  Imray
    Languages:  English
    Region:  Mediterranean

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