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WinGPS Inland Navigation for your Windows PC, tablet or navigation laptop, especially for professional inland shipping, larger pleasure yachts and other commercial shipping.

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Navbook WinGPS Inland Navigation

Recommended for: Inland skippers.
Medium:  Laptop
Delivery:  Available soon
Price:  1566.00  (Excl․ VAT)
The above price includes the equipment, WinGPS Inland and the Inland Update Service. WinGPS Inland costs € 365 per calendar year (excluding VAT) and will be adjusted monthly for the remaining months of this year.

15 "Laptop with the latest edition of WinGPS Inland Navigation and the Inland Update Service. Including GPS receiver.

A complete navigation system for you on board. The laptop is delivered ready for use, including optionally ordered charts, so you can get started right away.

Comes fully installed and can be used immediately.

Technical specifications:
• 15 inch screen (anti reflection)
• Minimum 4 GB RAM memory
• Minimum 120 GB hard drive
• Minimum 2 USB ports
• Windows 10 license

• WinGPS Inland Navigation
• Inland Update Service
• MR-350 USB GPS receiver

Note: Only available in the Netherlands & Belgium.

Do you want a customized package, including DKW charts or suitable advice based on your own wishes? Then contact us via our contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Specially for inland skippers Stentec Software has released the navigation program WinGPS Inland, available for your on-board PC or laptop. By loading the free iENC maps and connecting AIS and GPS, you can easily and quickly create a cost-effective navigation system on board.

The new navigation program WinGPS Inland was initially specially developed for commercial navigation on European inland waterways. By loading the free iENC it is possible to comply with the Information Mode, which has recently become mandatory on German inland waterways. WinGPS Inland is also recommended for dredging, fishing, government agencies, (larger) motor yachts and navigation on open sea.

In addition to WinGPS Inland, you need the digital charts of your sailing area. Choose from the wide selection of up-to-date DKW charts (developed by Stentec), or load ENC charts from the various governments.

For easy downloading of iENC, including annual updates, we recommend the new "Inland Update Service" subscription. With this service you can easily download iENC and you get updates of both WinGPS and all the charts that you have installed during the year.

Because WinGPS Inland can be installed on two systems, you have the option of plotting your route at home on a large screen and preparing your trip. This second installation can of course also be used as an on-board backup.

Stentec has created a subscription service for inland navigation skippers, the Inland Update Service. With this you keep both the navigation software and the charts up-to-date and you can always navigate safely on the European inland waterways.

The Inland Update Service includes:

  • ✔ All updates for the commercia shipping navigation program , WinGPS Inland

  • ✔ Access to the iENC server to easily download and update iENC

  • ✔ Updates to the European waterway network, including the bridge & lock information.

  • ✔ Updated NL-Tides, the current and tide data for the Dutch coast.

For more info about the subscription click here.

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Producer:  Stentec Software
Edition:  2024

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