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Premium Subscription 2024

Upgrade your WinGPS 5 or 6 and make optimal use of our helpdesk with the new Premium Subscription.

Recommended for: WinGPS 5 and 6 users
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Delivery:  Available now
Price:  € 150,00
The Premium Subscription 2024 is now available!

In order to meet the growing demand for service and to continue to deliver the trusted quality, we have reformed our service policy. With the Service Subscription you can use our service without any worries and get the most out of your WinGPS navigation.

This way you know in advance what the service costs are for the entire year and you receive nice discounts on, for example, your new DKW cards.

With the Premium Subscription 2024 you benefit from:

✓ Upgrade to WinGPS 6 - 2024 from WinGPS 5 (worth €99).
✓ Free IENC-Update Service NL in 2024( worth € 39,90).
✓ The current and tide data 2024 for WinGPS Pro and Voyager (worth €19.90).
✓ WinGPS 6 updates in 2024: such as new features, and updates to the waterway network, bridges and locks.

Plus all the benefits of the Service Subscription, namely::

✓ Free helpdesk service for Stentec products (worth €20 per 15 minutes).
✓ Callback service: Avoid queues, we will call you back.
✓ € 20,- discount on charts*.
✓ € 10,- discount on upgrades*.
✓ Extra discounts and promotions, such as workshops and discounts at trade fairs.

* This discount only applies to the 100% Stentec DKW chart sets.

This includes the inland waterway charts:
DKW Vaarkaart Netherlands, DKW Vaarkaart Belgium, DKW Vaarkaart Northern France, DKW Vaarkaart Southern France, DKW Rhine & Moselle, DKW Northwest Germany, DKW Northeast Germany, DKW Southwest Germany, DKW Donau 1, DKW Donau 2, DKW Donau 3.

And the coastal water charts:
DKW 1800 series Complete, DKW UK1 English and Scottish East Coast, DKW German Bight and DKW German Baltic Sea Coast.

The subscriptions are valid from the moment of purchase until December 31, 2024. After this date you are no longer entitled to the above-mentioned benefits.

In the autumn of 2024 you will receive a message from us about how the subscription can be extended and the benefits will continue into 2025.

More information:  
Do you not have WinGPS 5 or 6, but do you use WinGPS Marine (Android or iOS) or WinGPS Lite (Windows)? Then choose the Service Subscription.

Productspecifications  8024
Publisher:  Stentec Software
Edition:  2024

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