Pilots & charts

In addition to digital, we recommend also having paper charts on board:

-The Delius Klasing paper charts now also include a digital chart in DKW format, which can be used free of charge for 1 year.

-The paper charts from Imray provide a nice backup for all your trips on our DKW charts from Imray, so you have the same chart image in front of you during the trips.

-The paper charts from NV-Verlag also contain a digital chart. You can also load this into WinGPS 6 for Windows and use it for navigation.

-A pilot is indispensable on board. All marinas are described in detail as well as all port information, shopping, and dining facilities.


DK13 Poland and Lithuania

Stettin to Klaipeda with Frischem Haff and Kurischem Haff
New: now with free DKW chart
Medium:  folio
Delivery:  in stock
Price:  € 89,90
The Delius Klasing sports boat charts have a handy format of 60 cm x 42 cm (DIN A2).
A sturdy plastic cover ensures that you can transport the charts easily and stow them safely on board.

Free digital nautical chart for PC, tablet and smartphone

This chart set comes with a voucher code that can also be used digitally in the "WinGPS Yacht Navigator" app. Once the chart set has been successfully installed, you can use the digital chart on your PC, tablet or smartphone free of charge for 365 days - the "Yacht Navigator" app required for this is available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play or as a version for Windows (WIN 7-11, 64bit) at www.yacht-navigator.com

The set covers the following Delius Klasing charts:

1380 Südliche Ostsee (DIN A1) 1:600.000
1340 Bornholm - Swinoujscie - Kolobrzeg 1:300.000
1341 Niechorze - Leba 1:300.000
1342 Leba - Taran/Danziger Bucht 1:300.000
1343 Taran - Klaipeda - Pape 1:300.000
1301 Stettiner Haff N-Teil 1:60.000
1302 Stettiner Haff S-Teil 1:60.000
1303 Dziwna (Dievenow) 1:40.000
1304 Putziger Wiek 1:65.000
1305 Gdingen und Danzig / Weichselmündung 1:80.000
1306 Hafen von Danzig 1:15.000
1307 Wasserweg Danzig - Frisches Haff 1 1:25.000
1308 Wasserweg Danzig - Frisches Haff 2 1:25.000
1309 Wasserweg Danzig - Frisches Haff 3 1:25.000
1310 Frisches Haff (POL) 1:80.000
1311 Elblag (Elbing) 1 1:15.000
1312 Elblag (Elbing) 2 1:15.000
1313 Frisches Haff (RUS) 1:80.000
1314A+B Königsberger Seekanal 1:40.000
1315A Baltijsk (Pillau) 1:10.000
1316 Klaipeda (Memel) 1:25.000
1317 Kurisches Haff (LIT) 1:80.000


Art.nr.:  3013
Chart Name:  DK13
Publisher:  Delius Klasing
Languages:  Dutch, English, German, Danish
Region:  Baltic Sea
Edition:  2024

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