DKW Friese Meren

The ideal chart if you are planning to sail the Frysian Lakes.
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Perfect for renters, skippers and crew of sailing boats, motorboats and dinghies on the Frisian lakes. Also recommended for canoeists and fishers.

Chart coverage
Stretching from Stavoren to Grou, with the lakes: Heegermeer, Fluessen, Morra, Oudegaster Brekken, Zwarte & Witte Brekken, Sneekermeer, Koevorden, Tjeukermeer, Langweerderwielen and Pikmeer/Wijde Ee.

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Depth image
With a clear depth image gathered from the Frisian lakes project. Depth areas comprised of a fine color spectrum and depth numbers are displayed along the water routes. Developed by Stentec in collaboration with Provinsje Fryslân, using the most recent depth measurements. This chart contains a large level of detail: with 1 meters per pixel, you can zoom up to the dock at your home port.

All the relevant information is shown on the chart as waypoints. Totally there are 3.393 waypoints for a.o. buoys, marinas, Marrekrite moorings, diesel tank stations, water camp sites and VHF channels. Also included are waterway signs and VIN berths for commercial shipping.

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The DKW charts are compatible with both WinGPS 5 and 6 (for Windows), WinGPS Marine (for Android and iOS) and WinGPS Yacht Navigator (for Windows, Android and iOS). A DKW Chart can be used on 3 devices simultaneously.

Productspecifications  7267
Producer:  Stentec Software
Publisher:  Stentec Software
Languages:  Dutch
Region:  Inland Europe
Edition:  2023
System Requirements:  Official version of WinGPS 5/6 or WinGPS Marine.
3,61 GB disk space.

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