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Backup USB-stick Stentec

Memory capacity: 16GB
Waterproof IP67
Available with 16GB or 32GB
Combination, including:  
Delivery:  In stock
Price:  € 45,00
Waterproof backup USB stick pre-installed with all your WinGPS software and DKW charts.

For example, do you have a fixed on-board PC without an internet connection? Then install the most up-to-date software on your on-board PC with this USB stick.

How does it work?
You can order the Backup USB stick in our online shop (or by phone or email). We will install the latest editions of the Stentec products in your account on the USB-stick. For this we need your account details. You can pass this on to us yourself or we will contact you.
We will then send the USB stick by post to the shipping address you specified.

Once you have received the USB stick, you can install it on your on-board PC. Click here for installation tips. During the installation you will need internet to activate the products. If you do not have internet, you can contact us and we will activate the products for you.

16 or 32 GB
Not sure whether you need 16 or 32 GB? We happy to talk it over with you, on how much space you will need for your Stentec products. For example, if you only have WinGPS 5 with the charts of the Netherlands, then 16 GB will suffice. Do you have several charts of Imray or of the inland waterways of Europe? Then it may be that 32 GB is necessary.
You can of course also use the USB stick for other purposes. Ideal, for example, to save your routes, tracks or logbooks as a backup on this USB stick.


Art.nr.:  1480
Producer:  Stentec Software
System Requirements:  Memory capacity: 16GB

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