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USB GPS Receiver MR-350 S4

Connection: USB Cable (length: 4,5m).

Compatible with: Windows-laptop.
Not for Windows 11
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For positioning you need a GPS receiver. An ideal solution for this on your laptop or PC is a USB GPS receiver. These are easy to install and accurately transmit your position to your laptop or PC.

The MR-350 s4 is a waterproof GPS receiver with a 4.5 meter cable and is recommended for metal ships.
Suitable for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Not suitable for windows 11.

Location GPS on board:
A GPS needs to see at least half the sky for good reception. The MR-350 s4 is waterproof and can be permanently mounted outdoors using the supplied bolts.

You can use this GPS indoors in a wooden or fiberglass ship.
More information:  
• SiRF Star IV GPS Chipset
• Very high sensitivity (chipset -163dBm)
• Fast TTFF (Time To First Fix) even at low signal level
• NMEA 0183 V3.0 (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC)
• Built-in 'super cap' for a quick connection to the satellites
• Built-in antenna
• RS-232(baud rate 4800) interface
• Wide Area Augmentation System (WASS)
• Waterproof IPX7

• MR-350 s4 GPS receiver with 4.5m PS/2 cable
• PS/2 to USB adapter cable (RS232 optional)
• Driver on mini-CD (also downloadable from stentec.com)
• Bolts to fix the GPS receiver
• Installation instructions in NL and EN


Art.nr.:  1529
Producer:  Globalsat

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