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GPS antenna for EasyTRX2 and EasyTRX3

Especially for EasyTRX2.
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Each AIS transceiver must always have its own GPS antenna. Unfortunately, the GPS antenna already installed on board cannot be used.
The reason for this is that all AIS transponders run at the same time. This is GPS time (atomic time).

Does your AIS transceiver have an internal GPS receiver? Then this works fine on board of a wooden or fiberglass ship and you do not need an external GPS antenna.
On board of a metal vessel, an external GPS antenna is necessary for the proper functioning of an AIS transceiver.

The GPS antenna from the company Weatherdock AG is a GPS antenna that provides "raw data", not NMEA data. The antenna is easily connected to the EasyTRX (or another AIS class B transponder).

What is needed to connect the GPS antenna?
No special device or adapter is required. The antenna comes with a 5 meter long cable and the correct plug to connect it to the EasyTRX. The cable itself can be extended with a cable extension up to 15 meters. But if you extend the cable, use a good cable, for example Aircell 7 or similar and not the regular RG58.

For which class B AIS can the antenna be used?
The GPS antenna can be used for any Class B AIS transceiver that requires raw GPS data.

Technical specifications:
• Frequency: 1575.42MHz
• Amplification typical 27dB
• Noise: 2dB max
• Voltage: 5VDC +/-10%
• Current consumption: <30mA
• VSWR: 2.1 max
• Plug: BNC male


Art.nr.:  1751
Producer:  Weatherdock

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