Connection cable EasyAIS/EasyDVB - FM radio

Cable for connection between EasyAIS/EasyDVBT and your TV and/or FM radio.
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Price:  € 28,00
Connection cable for connection between an AIS device and your TV and/or FM radio.

If your AIS device has an internal IDVBT/DAB splitter, you can also use your AIS's VHF antenna for your TV and radio reception. The VHF antenna is connected to your AIS device and this connection cable is used to connect the IDVBT/DAB box to the AIS. This way you don't need a second antenna on board.

Productspecifications  1749
Producer:  Weatherdock

WinGPS 5 2021 available now

The 2021 edition of WinGPS 5 is now available. If you are in possession of the Service Card 2021, you can now download the latest version of WinGPS 5 in your download overview. If you do not have a Service Card 2021, you can upgrade your WinGPS 5 to the 2021 edition via our webshop.

DKW chart sets 2021: upgrade your charts now

Prepare yourself well for the coming season and upgrade your DKW charts to the 2021 edition now. The 2021 edition of most charts is already available and you will receive extra updates during the year. For the other DKW charts you will receive the 2021 edition immediately as an update in WinGPS as soon as it is available. This way you always have the most up-to-date chart on board.

Do you have the 2020 edition of 100% DKW cards and a Service Card 2021? Then, depending on the DKW chart, you can get a discount of up to € 50!

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