NV Bodensee

90 x 61 cm
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Medium:  Kaart + Download
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Price:  € 34,99
Folding paper chart with digital license for NV Charts App of Lake Constance with German, Austrian and Swiss shores
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The entire Lake Constance area with ?berlinger See, Untersee, Gnadensee and Zeller See in a 1:40,000 scale folding chart printed on both sides, in combination with a 365-day activation of the digital sea charts for the NV Charts App. Germany's largest inland lake with shores in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is shown on two large area maps and six detailed maps, allowing motorboats and sailing yachts to navigate safely.

The NV Chart Bodensee is printed on waterproof paper and measures 90 x 61 cm (folded 16 x 31 cm). This is ideal for a good overview of the Lake Constance wetland to plan a trip and is easy to store on board as it takes up little space in the navigator corner or sailing bag. Together with the Lake Constance map, an activation code for the NV Charts App is supplied, which is printed behind a scratch-off field on the edge of the map. With the NV Charts App you can use the digital nautical chart of Lake Constance, display your current position via GPS and even connect your AIS device via W-LAN so that you are always aware of the traffic situation.

Productspecifications  3209
Chart Name:  NV Bodensee
Producer:  NV-Verlag
Languages:  German/English
Region:  Bodensee
Edition:  2022
System Requirements:  Official version of WinGPS 4/5.

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