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Bluetooth GPS Receiver GNS 3000

Connection: Bluetooth.

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Windows-laptop, Android-tablet & -smartphone.
Also compatible with iPhone, iPad and Windows 11!
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For positioning you need a GPS receiver. A wireless solution for this is a bluetooth GPS receiver. These are ideal for, for example, your iPad or tablet without internal GPS.

The GNS 3000 is an accurate Bluetooth GPS receiver.

When used on board of a metal vessel, the GPS receiver should be placed where it can see at least half the sky. For example behind the window. The GNS 3000 is not waterproof.

This GNSS receiver can simultaneously process and receive GPS and GLONASS signals. Thanks to the highly sensitive 99-channel SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS) GPS chips, it is possible to obtain an excellent GPS position. Routes and locations can be saved via the log function.
More information:  
• Highly sensitive 99-channel GPS/GLONASS chip
• Worldwide support for WAAS/EGNOS/QZSS/MSAS/GAGAN, SBAS enabled
• NMEA protocol SPP, 57.600 baud, iPhone protocol (from iOS 3.0.1) or Android
• Certified transceiver using Serial Port Profile (SPP) ideal for all Bluetooth activated devices
• Bluetooth multi connection support
• Logger function
• Physical switch for power on/off
• Small and ultra flat (79.1 * 45.3 * 11.3 mm)
• Embedded Lithium-Ion battery (battery operating time: 10 hrs)

Package contents:
• GNS 3000 GPS GLONASS BT Receiver
• Charger cable
• Instruction booklet


Art.nr.:  1542
Producer:  GNS Electronics

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