NMEA Buffer with 1 input and 7 outputs
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The MiniPlex-BUF is an advanced 1-input, 7-output NMEA buffer/splitter designed to seamlessly deliver NMEA data from one source to multiple devices.

The presented NMEA signal is amplified to the appropriate NMEA level, allowing the connected devices to receive a signal that conforms to the NMEA standard.

Fully isolated inputs and outputs ensure ground loops are eliminated. The outputs are short-circuit-proof, so that one or more short-circuited outputs have no influence on the transport of NMEA data to the other outputs.

Technical features
Common buffers usually provide multiple outputs with a common, isolated power supply. As a result, the outputs are separated from the on-board network, but they are still interconnected. The MiniPlex-BUF has fully isolated outputs, each with their own galvanically isolated power supply. This makes the outputs compatible with any type of input; isolated or not, differential (RS-422) or grounded (RS-232).

NMEA Input
The MiniPlex-BUF has a galvanically isolated input with a high-speed opto-coupler. The input is able to process signals up to 38400 baud and fully complies with the NMEA standard, which guarantees reliable signal transmission even with long cables or a high level of interference. The isolation prevents unwanted ground loops between the connected device and the buffer. The buffer can withstand fault voltages up to 1500V.

NMEA Outputs
The MiniPlex-BUF has 7 fully isolated outputs, each with its own opto-coupler and galvanically isolated power supply. As a result, the outputs are completely floating so that they can be connected to any type of input without any problems. Each output automatically adapts to the type of input it is connected to, whether it is single wire or differential. Even a connection to a grounded RS-232 input on a computer is no problem and will not affect the other outputs.

The MiniPlex-BUF provides as many as three barriers to ground loops. The first barrier is the isolated input, the second barrier is the isolated outputs and the third barrier is the isolated power supply on each output.

Defect proof
An important advantage of fully isolated outputs is that a short circuit on one or more outputs does not affect the signal on the other outputs. This means maximum guarantee that the NMEA signal will reach the connected devices.

All these features make the MiniPlex-BUF one of the safest and easiest to install buffers.

Technical specifications
• Supply voltage: 8-35VDC, reverse polarity protected.
• Current draw 12V: 60mA (165mA max. at full load on the talker ports)
• Current draw 24V: 35mA (90mA max. at full load on the talker ports)
• Input: Galvanically isolated and compatible with NMEA-183, NMEA-183HS, IEC61162-1&2, RS-422 and RS-232
• Input voltage: +/-2 to +/-30V
• Input resistance: > 800 Ohm
• Outputs: 7 galvanically isolated outputs and compatible with NMEA-183, NMEA-183HS, IEC61162-1&2, RS-422 and RS-232
• Output voltage: min. +/-4V no load, min. +/-2.3V with 200 Ohm load (4 listeners)
• Communication speed: 110 - 38400 Baud
• Dimensions: 138 x 62 x 30mm
• Housing: ABS with flame retardant
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