USB GPS Receiver BU-353 S4

Connection: USB Cable (length: 1,5m).

Compatible with: Windows laptop/PC.
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Price:  € 79,00
For positioning you need a GPS receiver. An ideal solution for this on your laptop or PC is an USB GPS receiver. These are easy to install and accurately transmit your position to your laptop or PC.

The BU353s4 is a waterproof GPS receiver with 1.5 meter USB cable.
Suitable for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Location GPS on board:
A GPS needs to see at least half the sky for good reception. In a metal ship this can be done by placing the GPS outside or behind the window.
The receiver is magnetic and has a non-slip edge, so you can stick it on the roof. A suction cup is also included with which you can attach the GPS to the window, for example.
In a wooden or fiberglass ship you can use this GPS indoors.

Accurate position:
With the new SiRF IV chip and 48 channels, this is a sensitive GPS. With good reception high accuracy through EGNOS/WAAS support.
This keeps your position longer when, for example, you pass under a bridge.

NMEA-0183 output:

Package contents::
• BU353s4 GPS receiver with 1.5 meter USB cable
• Driver on mini-CD (also downloadable from
• Suction cup
• Installation instructions in NL and EN

Productspecifications  1540
Producer:  Globalsat

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